Journal Entry: Scuttlepeg 323 A.F.

I woke again this morning in my laboratory, and I recalled my mistake in my dreams. Rubbing my eyes and sitting up, I felt my neck crack as I moved out to the courtyard. It was a beautiful day in Scuttlepeg. The morning was bright, and last nights storm washed the smoke of the factories out of the air. It was two things then: A beautiful view of the city I lead, and my own thoughts.

How could I, someone so powerful, someone so skilled in the arcane sciences, make such a dreadful error? My calculations were correct. My wards and sigils were perfectly formed. And yet, it happened, destroying the lives of everyone I loved. How could I look him in the eye again? After all we accomplished? After all the foes we conquered, the obstacles we surpassed?

Then it came to me.

I thought of all the things that can go wrong in a mortals fragile life time. A wrong word uttered, a miscalculation, a missed kiss. I knew what I had to do. No one else needed to suffer like I did, like I still do… I can fix all this. I mean, really, in the end, the planes are just a giant machine, right?

I have work to do…

Journal Entry: Scuttlepeg 323 A.F.

I’ve been pleased with my results so far. The device is slowly coming to completion! But I’m growing afraid of myself. My bouts of “otherness” have been growing more and more frequent, and it is interfering with my work. But, I’ve done something amazing today! With a few notes and a few nudges; I’ve been able to change the day! Soon, friends, soon! I can fix everything! Except there’s one problem…

I see it at night.

A large and powerful being. It presses against my wards and circles, and I can feel it’s gaze. But what’s worse is the feeling it bring up in me; a feeling of crushing inevitability, the idea that no matter what, the universe will work like clockwork…

And nothing will change that fact.

Every night I push it back.
Every night I face that feeling.
I’m getting tired…

Every night it is there. One hand teeming with life; One hand a cold dark emptiness; and it’s face,

nothing but a sea of stars…


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