Episode 1: A Four Hour Tour

In the small university town of Dunfell, five friends and adventurers gathered in the Nodding Scholar Cafe. Calling themselves the Crossroads Alliance, the group decides to test their mettle in the Tournament of Kings, a competition that determines the new Council of Heroes in the metropolis of Scuttlepeg.

Declaring Nelly Farflinger, the heir of an influential halfling merchant family, and Taylon Bidrios, a half-elf magus, as co-leaders of the group; they join the fighters Krumm Razormane and Kyron Drax, and the gnome oracle Edrea Kollstrome.

Having procured the entrance fee, a large diamond, Nelly and the others board the Zephyr rail on route to Scuttlepeg; only to have the train get hijacked by the bandit Marcello. Fending off the bandits, and derailing the train in the process, the Crossroads Alliance accepts the assistance of Rolin Farflinger. Rolin, a cousin of Nelly, and unaware of her presence, graciously allows the group passage to the city. After meeting a rival group, The Radiant Sisters of Puriel, the Alliance faces their next task: Presenting themselves to High Council Seat Ceril Darktusk, and declaring their participation in the next tournament.

Next time in Scuttlepeg:
“Did you remember a token?”/ “They were with me the whole time.”/ “I suspect treachery.”/ “OH, FUUUUUDGE!!” <crack>/ “Its all she ever left me…”
Episode 2: Candyland



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