Episode 2: Candyland

The Crossroads Alliance began to prepare for their introduction to the Trial of Kings and Scuttlepeg society. Sadly the other teams neglected to tell them of one local custom: the presentation of favors to the current High Councilman. Arriving empty handed, they were out performed by The Radiant Sisters of Puriel, (With the head of a green dragon, and the elimination of a dangerous cult) and Marcello’s Motley. (The train robbers of the previous episode, with the severed head of their giant companion, Mumbles.)

Noticing Skyshear, Taylon’s ancestral sword, Senator Alanna Greenbloom requested a secret meeting. Despite being the patron of the rival Sisters, Alanna requests the Alliances help in capturing rival Senator Gregor St. Croix, and Marcello and his gang. She believes Marcello is destroying the rival teams on the behest of Gregor, to solidify his power base. She also arranges for the Alliance to meet with the Lord Magus, to become the Alliance’s patron.

Later while shopping at the market, the Alliance encounters Zabby Bloyer, apprentice of the Magus. She is busy transporting goods for the magus.

The next day, while talking to Greenbloom again, the city is attacked by hordes of candy themed golems. Working quickly to destroy the threat; the Alliance saves the day, and rescues Anastasia St. Croix, who takes a liking to Taylon.

Anastasia arranges a romantic midnight rendezvous with Taylon. In the middle of some hot and steamy foreplay, Taylon discovers that Anastasia may be linked to his mother. Potentially as his sister. (Yuck!) The date did not go well.

Next Time in Scuttlepeg:
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Episode 3: Five Beautiful Days in Scuttlepeg



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