Episode 3: Five Beautiful Days in Scuttlepeg

Taylon and Nelly walk home from his encounter with Anastasia St. Croix. They find a letter on the doorstep and a large gem. The letter was an invitation to dinner at the Dwarf and Maiden. The Alliance spends the night drinking and feasting.

Nelly: Nelly wakes to a letter from her cousin Rolin. She meets him at the Farflinger Trading Warehouse on Scumslick pier. There she has an argument with Rolin and Aunt Bini about her duties to her clan, and the dangers of the Tournament of Kings. Aunt Bini hired Rosena of Marcello’s Motely to bring her home. Rosena attacks, and Nelly chases her back to the townhouse.

Kyron: Kyron wakes to a massive hangover, and Kesseri breaking down the door. Kesseri commands him to take her sister Nolee on an outing during the Changing of the Leaves; the annual ceremony where the elves of the Ivory Forest change their home to mimic the seasons. Nolee discusses her past with the alliance; and leaves Kyron dumbstruck. Their date is interrupted by Jarvis Wirtz, and Nolee is injured. They flee to the townhouse.

Krumm: Krumm finds the shattered door of the townhouse, and looks for a replacement. He finds an half-orc claiming to be Krusk Firstborn. He challenges the orc to a contest at the Orcish History Museum. There he encounter the hermaphroditic Vous Vous Lavez, who charms him and takes him to the townhouse.

Edrea: Edrea wakes to a poorly fixed door, and attempts to find her friends. Lured by her spirits; she is crushed by a piece of falling debris. Now dead, she encounters Mama Jig, the leader of the Pixies. She is granted the gift of the True Fae language, and is instructed to use it on the Pixies’ behalf. Reformed outside Scabpick alley, she rushes to the townhouse. She passes Zabby, preparing to use the Amazing Pyrotechnic Halfling Cannon. She joins up with Nelly and they run to the townhouse.

Taylon: Taylon receives a message from Anastasia, requesting a meeting. She accuses him of murdering her brother Alberto. Alberto left on an archeological expedition with his favorite servant Goruga. Anastasia hired Marcello to arrest him, but Marcello had other ideas. He chases Taylon to the townhouse.

The Alliance defeats Marcello’s Motely, with some help from Zabby. Rosena is slain, and Vous Vous escapes. The rest are arrested. And the Alliance finally get to met the Lord Magus.

Next time in Scuttlepeg…
A long walk under the fireworks./A small song and dance number./“It’s not a show until someone jumps through the ring of fire!”/“You have insufficient funds.”/Odd jobs./Flowers for Rosena./A small flat with a lovely view./Tea and Biscuits with Fat Molly
Episode 4: Gold, Gold, Gold!



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