Episode 4: Gold, Gold, Gold!

The Alliance finally travel to the Magus’ tower; far to the north of the city, and after describing the morning’s exploits, the group makes a new rule: Don’t leave the group! The Magus is just as crazy as the party expected. (His song and dance number did move a few of them to tears, though. It was a masterful stroke of genius and sex appeal.) Having been asked to become the groups patron, the Magus accepts under one condition: the group needs to raise 50,000gp for his experiment.
Traveling the city looking for work, the Alliance comes upon the funeral of Rosena Whense. (Who isn’t such a bad person after all.) Afterwards the group is accused of treachery by Kesseri who shows them a list of the day before; listing the activities of the Alliance and given to Marcello’s Motely to incite them to attack. After searching the Motely’s flat; the group finds a ring capable of resurrecting the dead, and find a receipt for it. Traveling to See-More’s Hats and Magical Oddities to find out that it was commissioned by Marcello for Rosena. The group decides to give Marcello a chance to bring his love back to life. They are currently in Fat Molly’s Slophouse; looking for Marcello after Gregor St. Croix posted his bail.

Next time in Scuttlepeg…
“N-E-L-L-Y!”/“I have a business proposition for you…”/“It’s like a magic potion, but it’s effect is yumminess!”/“Dumbfuddle is a one-way street.”/A few small complications with the design./“Our romance transcends such things as species!”/“Think of it as a… forced march of love.”/A pattern of life and death.
Episode 5: Sodapop Follies



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