Episode 5: Sodapop Follies

The party finally meets Fat Molly; and works out a deal. The Alliance will find the source of Molly’s newest competition, and the Molly will reveal Marcello’s whereabouts. Tracking this “fizzy potion” leads the group to the Kettlclank Industries in the Gnomish part of town. They arrive just in time to help the gnomes test out their newest invention: the Magispork; a magical utensil thats only good for self mutilation. After learning where the gnomes received the potions; the group arrives at a grate in Scabpick alley. Exploring downward, they find the real ingredients of the potion: Ant secretions, and find the Druid behind the operations. Molly reveals that Marcello is in the St. Croix Manor. After a long and epic fight, the group walks back to their townhouse.



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