Episode 6: Ill Met by Gaslamp

Walking home, Nelly finds her cousin Rolin wandering in a drunken haze. Nelly takes him back to the Farflinger mansion, and he reveals that he’s spent some of the families fortune on Magisporks. And Aunt Mirri has a surprise of her own: She has arranged a marriage for Nelly. Nelly will meet with the groom at the St. Croix party in the next few days. Taylon and Krumm get a message from Anastasia who meets with them for a deal of her own. She will pay their debt ot the magus in exchange for help in finding her brother Alberto. Alberto was sent on a mission from the Magus, and hasn’t came back. She also invites Taylon to the St. Croix party. Edrea an Kyron are escorted the Magus tower by the Sisters of Puriel, and Nolee reveals a strange force is trying to enter the tower, and that Abcde might be up to something sinister…



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