Episode 8: A Daughter's Duty

The rest of the Crossroads Alliance watch silently, as Nelly Farflinger becomes more and more … strange. Investigating the Gumbleskanks and Fat Molly, they learn that the wedding is an elaborate attempt to murder Nelly and shake the foundation of the Farflinger’s economic power in the city. Crashing the wedding Fat Molly reveals that Hector Gubleskank is a disguised troll, and she has been manipulating Bini Farflinger. After an epic duel, Nelly succeeds in slitting Molly’s throat, but the group destroys the Senate Hall in the process.

After witnessing the destruction; Cyril Darktusk demands that the Trial of Kings begins. They face the Sisters of Puriel in a few days. Edrea receives an ominous package: A wing and a megaphone…



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