Interlude: A brief recap for those without attention spans.

One day on a warm spring day; a small group of university students decided to band together for the ultimate prize. The Tournament of Kings: A grand compitition to become the next rulers of Scuttlepeg, the Jewel of the New Continent. Sadly there were complications…

Nelly Farflinger, heiress of the wealthy Farflinger clan; faced the expectations of her rather dominating family. One sham marriage/assasination attempt and one dead mother later; Nelly has to win her independence from her family, and try to save it from the poor choices of her cousin Rolin.

Kyron Drax, the orphaned child of a sinister dragon cult, has everything but love on his mind. Dealing with the infautation of Nolee, a Sister of Puriel, (and compition for the tournament at that) Kyron has a mystery on his hands. Why does Nolee keep talking about things she shouldnt know about Kyron’s past?

Edrea Kollstrome, kind-hearted enchantress, has spent more time dead than alive lately. Why does Mama Jig, matriach of the Pixies, have an interest in her, and what’s she suppossed to do with the powers shes been granted?

Tyron Bidrios, Magus, lives in the shadow of his famous swordman father. Looking to learn of his past, and make a name for himself; he’s dabbled in incest and pixie mischief. What ties does he have to the St. Croix family, and how can he prove himself to Skyshear; his ancestral family blade?

Krumm Razormane’s story had been uneventful so far, but can he rescue his lost love from indentured servitude? And will he prove to the world his ties to an ancient orcish hero?

Arthur Bhroms, recent transplant from the Old Continent, is tasked with the protection of Nelly. Can he survive in a strange land? Can he survive the rest of the party?

Next Time in Scuttlepeg:

An early morning wake-up call/ The Gilded Lily/ “Be mindful of the spine dear…”/Three trials/ Rock-em Sock-em Golems!/ Discourse’s discourse on discourse/ The Art of the Polymorph/ One giant step backwards…



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