Aldorious and Alexandra St. Croix

The oldest St. Croix siblings.


The Alliance has not met the pair.


Aldorious and Alexandra are the ones responsible for the St. Croix’s reputation. Aldorious is a reckless playboy, and Alexandra is a playful dilettante. Fraternal twins, they are very close to each other, and they share their father’s skill at business and politics. Many people in the city speculate that they will be elected to the Senate during the next elections. Not everyone thinks its a good thing.

Aldorious is a roguish and athletic man; and is noted for his smooth ebony-black skin. Impeccably dressed and with a predatory smile; Aldorious has broken many a wealthy girl’s heart. The more cynical elites have even begun placing betting pools every year: Betting on the results of his almost yearly paternity squabbles. As the most favored child of Gregor, these women are encouraged to leave for the old continent, babes in tow. Aldorious can usually be seen in the most fashionable bars and restaurants in the city, and has an impressive entourage of the city’s finest youth.

Alexandra shares her brother’s dark beauty, but unlike her brother, is one of the kindest members of the city’s elite. (This doesn’t keep her from a good party though.) Many a young noble has heard the phrase: “Why can’t you be more like Alexandra St. Croix?” Alexandra heads many trendy charities and organizations in the city, and its said that the only thing keeping her from changing the city for the better is her father’s tight-fisted ways. She is the foremost fashion icon of Scuttlepeg, and always has the best and most intricate biothaumaturgy. She is the model of the most prominent clan of Gnomish bio-thaumaturgists, Haus Vulnus. Heiresses of wealthy families are spending their fortunes on the “St. Croix look.” (Her hair and wings of raven feathers, and the intricate patterns of stained glass imbedded in her skin.)

Aldorious and Alexandra St. Croix

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