His Royal Duchess, the Grand Magus Abcde...cheese

A mad wizard, bent on .... something?


The Magus is a gnome of average height. He is lithe and nimble, and sports a wild shock of blue hair, and light green skin. One eye is a clear, watery blue, the other is a whirling vortex of rainbow color.


The Magus is the crazed patron of the Crossroad Alliance.

In the past, the Magus was once one of the member of Ceril Darktusk’s adventruing party, and helped him win the tournament of Kings. A decade later, some of the member of the group began to grow bored, and longed for more adventures. They planned on using Abcde’s magic to travel the planes. During the initial spells; something happened, blasting the group across existence, leaving the Magus and Ceril to live on. While physically fine, the mishap caused the Magus to see all times and dimensions at one moment, driving him forever mad.

His Royal Duchess, the Grand Magus Abcde...cheese

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