The leader of the Radiant Sisters of Puriel


Kesseri is the tallest of her sisters, and sports the same beautiful silver hair, sun kissed skin, and elegant facial tattoos of her siblings. How she has managed to drain all the femininity out of her appearance is anyones guess. She has given up all her natural charms for the sake of effiency. Her hair is in a brutally short bob, and her face is marred by scars and worry lines.

Kesseri favors the spear, and wears scale mail armor.


Kesseri is, in the words of Nelly, a total bitch. She leads her sisters with effiency and conviction, and is dedicated to bringing the ideals of her father to Scuttlepeg. She is utterly blunt and too the point, and sees the Crossroads Alliance as a group of undisciplined children.

Kesseri’s class is unkown.

In Episode 3, Kesseri forces Kyron on a date with her sister Nolee. Her ideas of romance leave something to be desired…


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