Kyron Drax

TWF Fighter -



Growing up, my Parents were part of a Dragon Worshiping Cult. This got me a lot of attention from the other towns people. I would tend to get the crap kicked out of me by bullies, and The local law enforcement would turn a blind-eye to my beatings. One day as a party of Adventurers came to our town, and I became inspired. I made myself armor, and decided to fightback. The armor was very effective, it allowed me to take on three bullies with almost no damage to myself. Unfortunately, that happened to be the day that the local law enforcement decided to stop turning a blind-eye, and arrested me. This experience added fuel to my hatred of the current government. As soon as I was old enough to leave home, I packed my bags and headed for the academy to learn to be the best fighter I could be. My parents were very angry with my decision to become a fighter. They said that violence is not the way of “our people”, but my mind was made up. I had almost reached the University when I came across a old man being hassled a small group of bandits. I intervened and fought off the small group. The old man told me he was on his way to the same town that had the university, so we completed the journey together. When we finally reached the town, the old man told me that he was getting to old to travel and this trip proved it. He gave me his ‘Handy Haversack’ and said “I won’t be needing this anymore, use it well.” I thanked him, and continued on to the university to begin my education. A few weeks ago, I learned that my parents had been killed by the local law enforcement. Their story was that my parents had assaulted them, and they killed my parents in self-defense. I knew immediately that this was a lie, considering my parents were pacifists. I was in the midst of planning my revenge on the people responsible for my parents death, when some of my friends, Krumm and Nelly, stopped me. They convinced me there was a better way, The Trial of Kings.

Kyron Drax

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