A Radiant Sister of Puriel


Nolee is the shortest of her sisters. She shares the same silver hair, tanned skin, and facial tattoos of her sisters. Nolee wears her hair in intricate dreadlocks, and weaves bells and charms into her hair. She favors a well-made, but simple peasant dress, that matches her coloring.

Nolee has a pretty, but plain, face and is never without her drum.


Wordless to the present; Nolee lets Kesseri do all the talking.

In episode 3, Kyron learns that Nolee is mute; while on a date with her during the Changing of the Seasons. Nolee asks Kyron is he remembers fighting the dragon cult six years ago. She is reduced to tears by Kyron’s not remembering the event. She is injured during the Motely’s attack on the Alliance. She left the townhouse square in tears…


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