Rosena Whense

Would-be train bandit.


Rosena is a tall and gaunt half-orc female. She has small tusks and keeps her stringy black hair in a tight bun. Rosena was last seen disguised as a nanny on the Zephyr rail.


Rosena, along with Marcello, attempted to rob the Alliance of Nelly’s diamond. She is proficient with alchemical bombs. After losing the fight; she left the Rail with Marcello.

Rosena is still at large.

In episode 3, Rosena is the only member of Marcellos Motley to be killed in their attack on the Alliance. She was brutally cut down by Krumm.

During her funeral in episode 4, the Alliance learned that Rosena was Marcello’s wife. She also had a strong sense of social justice, and wanted to rule Scuttlepeg for everyone, not just the elite. Marcello created the Ring of Two Hearts for her, but she refused to wear it until she was a Councilwoman. Rosena is survived by her mother, whose accident in the factory she worked in finally pushed Rosena to join Marcello in the tournament. Rosena saw her actions as a necessary evil for a greater good.

Rosena Whense

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