Zabigal "Zabby" Bloyer

A terrified apprentice of the Lord Magus.


Zabby dresses in oversized wizard robes dyed a bright canary yellow. She is chubby with rosy cheeks and her straw colored hair is pulled into tight pigtails. She is always with her best friend, the Phase spider Google.

Zabby lives in a state of constant terror, and always approaches new people or events with a scream. This is mostly due to the Magus, who delights in giving her painful and tedious tasks.

When she isnt terrified, Zabby can be quite a skilled abjurer, and has a strong sense of right and wrong. She always has a word of encouragement, and is quickly becoming popular with the pixie population of Scuttlepeg.


Zabby first encountered the Alliance when they helped her destroy her lost candy golems. She mistakenly attacked the group during the fight, and is slowly learning to calm down in front of them.

In Episode 3, Zabby was shot out of the Amazing Pyrotechnic Halfling Cannon as punishment for losing the golems. She inadvertently aided the party during the Motely’s assualt. She is currently shooting fireworks throughout Scuttlepeg’s night sky. (She looks like shes enjoying herself for once…)

Zabigal "Zabby" Bloyer

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