House Rules

0) Remember rule 0!

1) Players roll all the dice.

2) There will be no permanent stat increasing items. (Headbands of Intellect, etc.) Consumables using these spells are still allowed. (Wand of Bulls’ Strength, Potion of Cat’s Grace, etc.)

3) You may increase one ability score at 4th level. At 8th another ability score is increased, while the score you chose at level 4 is increased by one.
An example:

  • Level 4: STR+1
  • Level 8: STR+2/DEX+1
  • Level 12: STR+3/DEX+2/WIS+1

4) There is one new base class, The Gunslinger,, and equipment. (Firearms.)
The PDF for both is found here.

5) The only magical weapons or armor available for sale are of the magical enchancement variety. (Spear+1, Scale Mail+3, etc.) Any other enchancement are given out by the DM. I’m from the Tolkien school of magic stuff: I like them to have a background. (Sting was basically a Short Sword +3, but the story and name made it much more interesting.) I’m not a fan of just opening up the rulebook and buying something either, but just let me know what your buying, and we will work it out. (For all the other stuff like Wonderous Items, Wands, etc.)

6) Characters can be rebuilt until level 8. If a new Pathfinder book comes out; you may also rebuild your character to implement the new rules.

7) There will be no level penalty for Character death, however, resurrected characters will receive a -1 penalty to all rolls until they gain another level. (This even applies to the HD gained with the new level.) Good role-players might circumvent this penalty. You still need to pay another costs though. (And find someone to do it.)

8) You are allowed 3 minutes for rules lawyering, and then the DM will make a ruling. If it still bothers you (or anything on this page for that matter.), you can e-mail the DM later, and we can discuss it. I still won’t undo something that resulted from the original ruling. (So if we are doing combat, and you would of succeeded at something by the new ruling, and the DMs ruling caused you to fail, you don’t succeed retroactively. If you want that kind of power, DM yourself. :P)

9) An exciting campaign is a two person effort, the DM AND the players. If you want interesting things to happen to your character then you need to make yourself more active and available. I’m trying my best to give everyone some time in the spotlight. Hold on Krumm and Edrea; I know it seems like its everyone else’s story right now, but I definitely have major plans for you.

House Rules

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