Dwarves of Scuttlepeg

The dwarves of Scuttlepeg were one of the last races to settle on the new continent. They have quickly made themselves into one of the prominent racial groups of the city; based on a strong work ethic and using their skills in the recent technology boom.

The first dwarves settled in the area about 150 years ago. Using Elven money, and their own ties to elemental magic, they settled in the King’s Crown mountains north of the city. To this day, the city of Dunfel has always been close to the Dwarves, with many becoming teachers of dwarves fields, and helping build the ivy covered campus. Dwarves excel in stone work and engineering, and are quickly forming close ties to Gnomish tinkerers. As the saying goes: Dwarven hands build Gnomish dreams…

A dwarves clan is a very insular, and they strongly resist the new trends appearing daily in the city. Dwarves mostly live in the Commons, or above their shops in Gaslight avenue. Dwarves do maintain good conduct with other races, and even tolerate the Pixies and Goblins that work under them. There is fierce competition among the lower classes to work under a dwarf. The work is hard, but you get fair wages and treatment.

Dwarven culture is dominated by Ancestor worship. Every dwarf must be able to recite his previous 25 ancestors before he can be an adult, and then receives a sturdy stone flask containing a sample of his ancestors ashes. Every dwarves home contains a small tunnel holding the ashes of those who have gone before him. Dwarves place their funerals at a high priority, and many dwarves adventurers spend their days finding the bodies of those who died before in dungeons. And any enemies who refuse to release the dwarves dead in their possession face an even more terrible foe.

A young dwarf is also expected to know the deeds and sayings of previous members of his clan. Many carry numerous books or scroll of their sayings, and enjoys peppering their conversation with them. This makes a conversations exciting for them, but bores any other race to tears.

The only thing comparable to their ancestors in the Dwarven psyche is beer. Each clan brews their own signature brew, and it has significant place in their rituals. Dwarven clerics are famous for their beer, which also doubles as their holy water. Which explains the dwarves love of eradicating the undead. Each splash of Holy water is traditionally followed by a shot by the dwarf, leading to another saying. A shot for the living the shot for the dead. Dwarven brewing competitions are the greatest social occasions in their culture.

Dwarves prefer to dress in their work clothes, and always have an elaborately designed version for formal events. And every dwarf begins their adulthood planning and creating the clothes they plan to be buried in. Thankfully, dwarven youths are unaffected by Scuttlepeg’s trends.

Game Benefits

Talisman of the Mothers: A dwarf in possession of his ancestors ash flask receives a +2 on saves versus a death effect, and a +1 versus any save versus an undead creature.

Hops and Blood: A dwarf who drinks a shot of his clans beer receives a +1 to damage and saves for 1d10 rounds.

Elves of Scuttlepeg

The Elves of Scuttlepeg face a unique challenge in their new homes: how to keep their culture in a city thats rapidly changing far from their ancient homeland.

The elves of Scuttlepeg settled the city with the human colonists of the old continent almost 300 years ago. Some of the older members of the community still remember the disappointment of seeing grassy plains replacing the ancient forests their diviners promised. As the humans quickly built their small huts and wooden palisades the elves began planning a replacement for the trees they craved. Working great magics and planning carefully, they began to form large beautiful trees of marble; branches strewn with leaves of hammered copper. This hollow forest soon became the Elvish conclave know as the Ivory forest.

The Ivory forest is one of the most heavily guarded districts in Scuttlepeg; with Elven guards frequently patrolling for thieves and riff-raff. Once built, the Elves quickly turned their connections in trade and magical might into government power and wealth. The average elf posses wealth that few of Suttlepeg’s citizens ever see. This level of privilege created a younger generation who knows nothing else, and Elvish elders have trouble understanding their progeny’s ennui and lack of work ethics.

The Elves of Scuttlepeg dominate the Senate, with Senator Greenbloom easily influencing government policy according to elven interests. Greenbloom, the youngest Elvish senator elected, has quickly gained support by both generations, and was instrumental in restoring the status quo after the Orcish protests. She is now working on solidifying the elves influence with her newest ally: Councilman Darktusk.

Pride and racial purity are still hallmarks in the Ivory Forest; with outsiders seen with disdain and polite indifference. While an elf would never lower themselves to racial slurs; they don’t want them in their homes or streets. Elvish servants, despite the cost, are still the norm, and butlers and maids from the right servant family fetch a generous wage.

Elvish youths are currently looking for something beyond their parents ways. Gobbling up other races ideals and cultures with abandon. Halfling cooking, Orcish dueling, and Gnomish invention empties their wallets and absorb their energy and attention. Fads change quickly with no apparent reason.

Elvish elders still wear the clothes of their forbearers, dominated with stylized designs from nature and made of natural materials. They prefer long and elaborately braided hair, and minimal decoration. Their young inhabit the other end of the spectrum, decorated with Thaumaturgy ranging from the beautiful to the ghoulish.

Elvish adventures either favor the wizardry of their elders, and the young are quickly drifting to the more roguish classes.

Game Benefits:

Elvish Wealth: Young Elvish adventurers start with an extra 200gp, the results of gifts or inheritances from their families.

Gnomes of Scuttlepeg

Little did Alphonoso Wigglewrak know that his simple exploding powder would be the invention that forever changed the Gnomes of Scuttlepeg. With the invention of gunpowder, firearms, airships, Thauamaturgy, and magical engineering; they are experience a glut of popularity and political power that they are slowly coming to grips with.

The Gnome of Scuttlepeg arrived in the settlement with the Dwarves, and quickly began working on their passion for invention. Held as laughingstocks until a decade ago; Gnomish invention was known for only two things: property damage, and uselessness. Bombarded with ridiculous inventions like healing potion launchers and codpiece cannons; the other races of the city knew better than to visit the Gnomish Ghetto.

Invention fuels the passion of a Gnome, and a famous invention will create more influence in their circles than money or power ever could. Competition between Gnomes is fierce with an emphasis on being the first to invent a new thing, and receiving credit where it is due. A Gnome who achieves both of these things is awarded the Medal of Ingenuity: a prize necessary for adulthood and all the rights associated with. A gnome who gets married or conceives without one is a shame to his name and his Guild.

This atmosphere creates the other gnomish trademark: a tendency to explode at unwelcome moments. A Gnomish Inventorium is a never ending succession of accident and injury. A gnome who dies during his studies is awarded the only title that doesn’t require an invention: Martyr of Invention. (There is rumor of luckless gnomes sabotaging their own work, rather than living without a Medal of Ingenuity.)

Gnomish politics is dominated by Family guilds, and each one closes guards its secrets from each other and outsiders. (The Wigglewrak Guild is still looking for whomever leaked the recipe for gun powder.) The Gnomish Senate seat is held by Alphonoso Wigglewrak, but since he would rather invent, he leaves most of the city political business to another representative from his Guild. Despite the power and prestige gained from their inventions; Gnomes are a peaceful lot, and would rather each race leaves each other at peace. Gnomish business men are particulary savvy, and do work to keep the market competitive. Anyone non-Gnome offering Gnomish goods and services will find them selves being quickly put out of business.

Gnomes vary wildly in personal effects, with many sporting unusual clothing and accessories of their own invention. Gnomish cosmetics and thaumaturgy is quickly gobbled up by the wealthy elite, despite the few accidents associated with them. (Invisible clothes have failed to catch on, however.)

Game Benefits

Gnomish Nepotism: A Gnome purchasing supplies and services from other Gnomes receive a 30% discount. (Basically Firearms, Gun Powder, and tickets for Airships and the Zephyr Rail)

Gnomey Get your Gun: A Gnomish gunslinger who has to make a roll to determine if his firearm jams may roll twice and take the better result.

Halfings in Scuttlepeg

The Senate has just recently allowed Halfling immigration. They have yet to form a unique culture or enclave in the city.

Gossip Hounds: Halflings get a +2 Knowledge (Local)

Orcs of Scuttlepeg

The Orcs of Scuttlepeg are the original people of Etna, and were the only race to join the invading settlers society peacefully and without coercion. Orcs are quickly melting into Scuttlepeg’s human society, making Half-Orcs common, and true Orcs rare.

The Elves of Scuttlepeg met the first Orcs quickly after settling in the area that would soon become The Ivory Forest. Impressed by the difference in their culture compared to the orcs of their homeland, the Elves quickly befriended the peaceful and nature loving people. As each other race arrived the Elves made sure to create peace between them and the Orcs they thought were all alike. In the past decade, Orcs have successfully moved beyond their status as a (peaceful) lesser species, gaining a Senate seat with strikes and peaceful protests; this movement was quite popular and was seen as one of Senates greatest acts of diplomacy. Currently, Orcish culture and art is in vogue, and many are beginning to emulate their culture.

Orcish society is governed by three principles: Honor, righteous anger, and a strong tie to Nature. Orcs conduct themselves by a strict code of fealty to each other and family. And Druidic traditions dominate their spiritual lives. Orcish codes are founded on honesty and sacrifice, and most conflicts between them are resolved by their elders. Duels are used for any situation that can not be resolved diplomatically. (Sadly, the youth of Scuttlepeg kept the duels, but mostly ignore the honor.) Orcs are a stoic lot; leaving their emotion to bubble deep inside, this fuels the orcish traditions of barbarian rages. (A raging orc is one of the few things immune to the strict Orcish honor code.) Orcs justify this dichotomy as a representation of Nature’s fickleness.

Storytelling and art are two products of popular Orcish culture in the city. Orcs carry a long theatrical history of their past. (Performed ritually by Orcs playing the roles of the characters.) This story deals primarily with an Orcish folk hero known as Krusk Firstborn: His story is rumored to be made of 999 parts: each tale dealing with one of his exploits. As of now, no evidence has been found of his physical existence, but a search for it is dominating Dunfel University’s Ancient Cultures department. (Any evidence would make its finder both famous and rich.) Current rumor states that the Civic Opera Company in Gaslamp Avenue is hiring Orcish stars and attempting to adapt the epic to the stage for the entertainment of Scuttlepeg’s elite. (The elite’s fascination for orcish oral storytelling is based on two things: The story is quite riveting, full of death and betrayal; and that it is traditionally acted out by orcs wearing nothing but dramatic masks.)

Orcish clothing is utilitarian in nature, but Orcs pride themselves on ritualist scaring and piercing. (Another thing absorbed by popular culture.) Current stereotypes portray Orcs as excellent lovers; adding more to their current popularity.

Game Benefits

Savage Beauty: Orcs receive a +2 to Bluff a NPC of the opposite gender. The sterotypes are very common.

Mired in the Story: Orcs automatically gain 4 ranks in History(Orcish) at first level, a result of their storytelling traditions.


Pixies are the first part of Scuttlepeg’s large lower class. As the Elves arrived to Etna for the first time, they encountered a small settlement of fey. In a deal that only the Elven elders truly knew about; they convinced the fey court to return to their own realm, and left the beings known as Pixies to serve the new people.
A pixie is a small winged humanoid, and the tallest among them rarely top a foot. Each individual Pixie looks different from its peers; with each one’s appearance changed by its surroundings. (One who works with cloth will begin to form wings like soft silk, with string-like hair and pale linen colored skin, etc.) Pixies do all the specialized common labor with Scuttlepeg. Their tiny hands build gnomish firearms, created embroidery, and assist in delicate thaumaturgical procedures.
Pixie culture is centralized in the area known as the Combs. They have a closed society, and lead by Momma Patch, the eldest Pixie in the city. Pixies currently have few rights in the city, and rumors of Pixie rebellion are moving through the streets.

Game Benefits:

Mundane Magic: By concentrating for one minute a pixie may create an effect similar to the spells Unseen Servant, and Telekineses. They may do this at will.


The Goblin underclass of Scuttlepeg is a result of Thaumaturgy and breeding. Goblins, Ogres, and Hobgoblins roamed wild in the Kings Crown mountains. After a brutal and long campaign; the Elves quickly began to socialize and train them for basic labor. In later years, the Gnomes began to help by magically altering the goblins mind to quell their natural urges. As of today, the only wild Goblins that remain live in isolated pockets of the wilderness; waylaying travelers and caravans. Civilized goblins can be seen throughout the city, doing the jobs no once else wants. These services are earning the ire of the Lower classes in Scuttlepeg, and violence against them is common.

Game Benefits:

Faceless Masses: A goblins receives a +6 to Stealth checks when hiding in large crowds; due to their prevalence.


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