The Ivory Forest

The Ivory Forest is the artificial woodlands that the Elvish nobility call home. Each tree is a carefully designed statue; with shining leaves of copper, and made of stone textured to look like bark. Some Elves go even further to make their homes feel welcome: Adding magically engineered lichens and clockwork birds and squirrels. Each Elvish clan owns its own copse of “trees,” and each can be walled up to be as secure as any fortress.

The Ivory Forest is kept immaculately clean by a large host of Elven (and ONLY Elven) landscapers and street sweepers, and each street is made of smooth stone. Elven Mages have even managed to create some of the few unpolluted streams in the city, binding water elementals to flow in pre-described patterns. Some whisper that even the cool breeze flowing through the district is the result of Elven interference. Frankly the vision of the Elven Elders who created the city was too successful: Creating a generation of Elves who only know of “nature” firmly under their control. Some Elves speak of fleeing the area entirely and returning to the old continent, dreaming of a place where the grass lives, and isn’t merely smoothed strands of magically strengthened glass…

The Ivory forest contains almost the entirety of Scuttlepegs Elvish culture, and its rare to see other races in the area. (And frankly, the elves prefer it that way.)

  • The Verdant Riders: War is one of the few of the old ways still valued by the Elves, and many youths spend their afternoons in fighting schools and practice rooms. The Verdant Riders are the best of the lot, and serve as the areas patrol force and neighborhood watch. They enforce the districts strict curfew, and follow outsiders closely. Many fear the Riders, and rightly so, it was used to quell the orcish demonstrations in the city, and many non-Elves who attempt to settle in the district are “encouraged” to look elsewhere. Though rare, many disruptive elves still disappear in the night after a visit from the group.
  • The Ivory Dryad: The Elvish Elders went to great lengths to make their homes as familiar as possible, and fondly remember the Fey that used to grace their courts. Fusing their magics with the wild fey energy they encountered as they settled, they created the Ivory Dryad as a guardian of the district. With pale glowing skin, and shining copper hair streaked with patina, the Dryad walks freely throughout the area. Much like her more natural cousins; she can move from tree to tree and wields great control of the artificial flora and fauna. She has been silent since her creation, and is considered a harmless mistake by the Elders, free to act as she pleases. Many Druids find her sickening to behold.
  • The Alabaster Oak: One of the biggest copses of the district, the Alabaster Oak is the home of Senator Greenbloom, and is the center of the district’s leaders and intruige.
  • The Yellow Pike: One of the few informal areas of the Ivory Forest, the Yellow Pike is named for the spear that is thrust into the “tree” above the door, a remnant of the few orcish raids that plauged the city during its founding. Many Elven youths flock to the area, and make a game of trying to remove the pike, and carving their names in the back. (A wall of wood spell made permanent. The result of a night of drunken mages challenging each other to create spells.) It is one of the few area where folk of other races are welcomed, and the inns’ Cheese soup and dark bread are famous.

The Ivory Forest

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