Edrea's Magical Morning Star


Cloudthreader is a finely crafted wand made of pine, and is set with an elaborate mother-of-pearl inlay. It is composed of two pieces interlocked together. When the wand is twisted, the air at its end quickly condenses and freezes into the head and chain of a morningstar. When swung the weapon leaves a trail of icy fog.

Cloudthreader is a Frost Morningstar +1. It has the following special qualities:

Frost: On a successful strike, Cloudthreader deals an additional 1d6 cold damage.

Booming Thunder: On a confirmed critical hit, the weilder of Cloudthreader may choose to deal 1d8 sonic damage instead of critical hit damage, and make his or her opponent be pushed back 1d6 squares. The opponent must make a Reflex save DC15 or be knocked prone.

Magical Adaptability: Cloudthreader’s shaft doubles as a masterwork crafted wand, and may also be enchanted as such. This does not affect its qualities as a weapon, and the spell placed in the wand may not be activated when Cloudthreader is in weapon form.


During the Orcish peace protests, a local shaman known as Cloudthreader was active in the movement. An Oracle of the wind and weather, he would frequently use his powers to hinder the elite of the city. He would often send storms to the harbor, and once made it rain in Skycutter plaza for 4 consecutive months. Cloudthreader’s greatest concern was over the pollution pouring from Scuttlepeg’s industrial center, the stacks. The people of the lower district could always look up to see thick black smog choking the air above them. Many of the citizens there were ill, and everyone was smeared with soot, and other foul things.

Cloudthreader’s greatest challenge happened when a cloud of pollution corrupted an air elemental summoned by a Gnomish Engineer, corrupting the elemental into a malevolent beast. The cloud of thick black air would settle on houses; slowly burning and killing entire tenements with its acidic winds. Once he learned of it, Cloudthreader challenged the beast to a duel on top of his tenement. Others watched as the battle literally thundered through the night. That morning, his neighbors found him, a corpse dissolved by acid. He managed to dispel the elemental, but was engulfed with the pollution as the elemental spirit ceased to keep it aloft. All that was left was his favorite wand and weapon, inspired by the clouds he loved so much.


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